Our facilitators/coaches are Garda vetted, accredited by the Teaching Council, the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and the Childcare Committee.  We will also have a guest visit from a member of the Galway hurling team to talk to students about the challenges he faced as a young first year student while embracing a growth mindset. This week will further build on the transition programme in Primary. 

Curriculum Vitae
Tips to get you started

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  1. If you haven’t updated your C.V in recent years or still have an old profile or         objective, then it’s time to start afresh. 

  2. Your cover later is an opportunity to communicate you are a good fit.


  3. Research the culture of the organisation in which you wish to work

  4. Tailor each CV to the application

  5. Choose a clear layout

  6. Consider how your skills are transferable and highlight these when possible

  7. Show you understand the requirements